Barnard Sims, whose pen name is Barnard the Barber, is the retired owner of Barnard’s Hair Salon. Barnard served as the cosmetology instructor at Athens Technical College, while he earned an associate’s degree in public services.

As a passionate civil rights activist, Barnard became the VP of his local NAACP and a writer for the legal redress team.

Challenged by SiriusXM Urban View talk show host, Joe Madison, The Black Eagle's question, "What are you going to do about injustice?." Barnard created his own talk show titled: The Way it Is. The vision for The Way it Is, is to amplify the Black Voices that are often drowned out in the rural south. 


Understanding that it is just not enough to simply say "we are not racist, homophobic, anti semitic, xenophobic, etc." Barnard believes that we must do the work to become an anti racist society, ensuring that we are creating supportive environments for everyone, so that each individual has the liberated space they need to follow their life's divine path.

Barnard is also a United States Chess Federation district chess coach, who teaches children chess at his local Boys and Girls Club. In chess as in life, Barnard instills in his students to never underestimate themselves nor their ability to "make the next move, their best move!"  

Barnard's philanthropy flows through a nonprofit called Leap for Literacy. He sponsors book publications and illustrations for many students to become first-time authors themselves.

Barnard is an acting student, as well, at Premier Actors Network.  Barnard says that the key to The Southern Awakening is to:

"Believe Big, knowing that God Will Help!"

Barnard The Barber