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Table of Contents for The Southern Awakening


 Postulate 1      The South Has Something to Say! 

 Postulate 2      Reimagine and Research to Reinvent Self-Sustainable Communities

 Postulate 3      The Harvest Is Plenty—the Complainers Need to Be Few

 Postulate 4       Hair Comes, Hair Goes, and Negroes 

 Postulate 5       A Customer Is Not Always Right

 Postulate 6       Just Say No to Combative Economics

 Postulate 7       Prioritize Collective Economics as a Form of Self-Reparations 

 Postulate 8       Change Your Political Landscape, and We’re Moving on Up! 


The Resurrection Teaser

Writer's Digest Reviews and Feedback for The Southern Awakening

"The title grabbed my attention and immediately identifies the purpose and potential audiences for your book. Your topic is incredibly timely and this book is in great need to be read by readers of all races: your strong voice and clearly made points will inspire and motivate one part of that audience, and hopefully change some minds of another part. The Introduction does a great job of giving us glimpses into your life and ancestors while reminding us of some very sad truths about the world we live in. The book is well organized and I love your usage of postulates as the organizational method. Your book was at times hard to read because of the myriad injustices that you shed light on, and you do a great job of countering that with moments of joy and inspiration. Even your Dedication is well written—these can often be self-indulgent or maudlin, but yours are delightful and poignant."

"This book is exemplary in character appeal (or interest) and development. All main characters (including antagonists) are unique and fully fleshed out with compelling, layered motivations and traits. Secondary characters are unique and have a meaningful purpose."

"This book is exemplary in its voice and writing style. It has a unique voice, and the writing style is consistent throughout. The style and tone are also consistent with or will appeal to readers of the intended genre."


"Barnard Sims wrote a captivating guide in this book, one to draw the attention of others who desire to establish a healthy path in their lives. The author does well to convey his philosophies and experiences between the covers of this book. The cover design is attractive and informative."

"This book is exemplary in its structure, organization, and pacing. The structure of the chapters/parts aid in a compelling organization of the story or information. The pacing is even throughout and matches the tone/genre of the book." 

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