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Premium Signed Hard Cover Copy of The Southern Awakening

Premium Signed Hard Cover Copy of The Southern Awakening

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Barbers and beauticians are expertly positioned to have a hand on the pulse of their communities-and Barnard the Barber is no exception. Learning from his village as the barber, the author shares those lessons learned on how we can liberate the rural South by building antiracist communities everywhere. This book provides actionable steps that each of us can take, in righteous indignation, to sign our own Emancipation Proclamations! These solutions are formatted into eight postulates in homage to the eight principles of Charlamagne Tha God's book: Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It. In this book you will learn how to: - create a blueprint for your own life's divine path; - leverage and utilize the infrastructure of our established hair care networks; - become the bridge of wisdom between our ancestors and our youth today. The author emphasizes that all white people are not evil; it's just that those who are wicked in America have taken immorality to an unfettered and unmatched extreme. Similarly, not all Republicans are racists, but today's Republican Party is a perfect place for racists to hide their ideologies. The Southern Awakening will guide you to discovering the true redemption of self-liberation!

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