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Faith and Justice

Can we truly be a people of faith without seeking justice?

From a personal perspective, I cannot follow a preacher who sees faith and justice as separate.

Any preacher who spends an hour plus (some more than two hours) a Sunday yelling and screaming every week, without mentioning a word about the suffering of the flocks of human beings in his or her beloved community, (in my humble opinion) is just a preacher making noise.

In our spiritual journeys, we learned to try the spirit by the Spirit. Therefore, through our God given eyes, just making noise should not feel all that compelling.

Making a difference is what truly compels our inner convictions.

Reverend Dr. MLK’s “I have a dream speech” was only 17 minutes long. In that speech King brought us on a masterful journey, (all the way from five score, seven years ago), in 17 minutes.

The ancestral logic of our hearts and minds arrived on these Coastal Shores from hundreds of years ago. The Good Reverend even spoke to our hopes and aspirational dreams for our collective future, all in only 17 minutes.

King's wave has sustained time with rippling effects because it washed us with the combining components of Faith and Justice. As a result, the content in the character of King’s oration connected US by transforming the destiny of our entire Nation.

What Reverend King revealed is that Faith and Justice are not Separate, but Equal. Our Faith must compel us to seek Justice. Faithfully, the two will intertwine to overcome any obstacles together, rolling down like a mighty stream of justice to pour on our beloved people.

Happy Easter Everybody!


Barnard the Barber


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