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Living on a Prayer 🙏🏾

In the words of Bon Jovi:

“Once upon a time, not so long ago,” a fifty plus year old kid dared to dream of seeing his backwoods country a#%* stories on the shelves at Barnes & Noble.

Not one honest person should have believed that this dream could ever come true. Considering that back in high school I would sometimes “borrow” a couple of answers from Vickie or Faith.

You know, the smart people’s papers.

Although, thinking back on those days, I knew way better than to borrow Matthew’s answers. I’m telling you now, I saw that young man swiping the test from, our teacher, Mr. Thomas’s file cabinet….

Well anyway, today our backwoods stories have made it all from the dirt trails, up to the largest American bookstore’s, near perfection, industry standards.

I can’t make this up, …. but God can!

I am sharing this because none of this would be possible without the outpouring of encouragement and support you all have lent me. And even though my face is on the cover of this book, understand that seeing our truths hoisted up on these pages (on the behalf of rural and often forgotten about communities) has humbled me to the floor.

Our Southern Awakening is really about us coming together in love and really starting to SHOW that We care for each other’s common humanity.

We need each other to thrive. For when we give love a shot, we are halfway there.

Still Livin’ on the Prayer,

❤️Barnard the Barber 💈

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