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Silence is Violence

Silence is Violence

When 2/3 of the Jewish population was exterminated in European gas chambers. I was silent because I thought it didn’t involve me.

As 13 nations legally murder people in the LGBTQ plus communities for religious reasons, I remained silent because I believed it didn’t involve me.

When thousands of migrants from Latin America died at our nation’s borders seeking refuge in the American Dream, I was still silent because I thought that was not my fight either.

And even as black mothers die at 3 times the rate of other humans giving birth today, as a man, I programmed myself to faithfully exercise my right to remain silent.

But when I died with George Floyd & Tyre Nichols, screaming for mom, no one heard my cries, because there was no one left to help me.

As our remains lie in silence, my prayer is that you'll hopefully see, that silence is violence.

A King knows that “an injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere”.

Speak now for yourself as for others, for forever will hold no peace.

Barnard The Barber 💈


*Illustration By: Deanna Halsall

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Karen Covi
Karen Covi
08 abr 2023

A M E N !

Me gusta
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