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The N-Word

I understand that the N-word is what Grabs Headlines. As a society, I hope We all understand that the Supremacists' intent for the "N-word" is to devalue Humans & to degrade the value of Black Lives. Although, as more information on the killing of Ahmaud Arbery is released, the use of the word *does* hurt. However, the use of that Hateful word is really not what actually Grabs me. What Grabs me is the Fact that 3 men (The 2 McMichaels with the Confederate Flag on their truck) were chasing Ahmaud Arbery down the road like a Dog. Then, the McMichael’s Neighbor William "RUDY" Bryan joined them in the chase like SHERIFF ROSCOE P. COLTRANE. Rudy used his Vehicle to Ram into Ahmaud's Body. ALL 3 men were savagely involved in this “Hot Pursuit" of a Human's Life. As Ahmaud breathlessly scrambled for his LIFE, these 3 White men chased Ahmaud Arbery’s flashing life for well over 4 entire minutes......... What Grabs me is how Lindsey McMichael (Daughter & Sister of 2 of the Suspects) posted a Prize Photo of Ahmaud Arbery's slain bloody body on her Social Media page before Ahmaud's body was even cold. What Grabs me the most is the Fact that, the LONG Arms of Our Lady Justice had access to every bit of this information that We are just now finding out, For MONTHS...... The American Tragedy is the Fact that, Our Lady Justice turned her blind eyes from "Just US" AGAIN. Not a single person was arrested until WE saw the video, too.... What should really Grab Us All is that, this "Dukes of Hazzard" (like) murderous ordeal was conducted as "Just a(nother) Good Ole Boys, never meaning No Harm", Hunting trip........ A Hunting Trip that ended in an early death, and Our Young Brother Ahmaud Arbery's Human Body was treated as the days Prize........ In the end the “N-word” of "No-Love" is what Grabs me. With Love for the Family of Ahmaud Arbery, Barnard Sims

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