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What is a Picture Worth?

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Our children came back from my mom’s house and said “Dad, we didn’t know you use to be gay” ……. This finding was news to me. Therefore, I asked our girls what makes you think I use to be gay? Then they pulled out this picture from my middle school days.

Greg and I were frozen in a time somewhere stuck between the Thriller & the Purple Rain! Please don’t ask me any question as to why we made matching shirt to take this picture…. I, myself, am not sure if “G” wanted to be Kid and Play or if I thought I was Morris Day.

In any event, our children though my feelings were hurt because my wife was laughing at this picture uncontrollably! I’d hope no one reading this thinks this picture is as hilarious as my wife does?

Remember the Time? I told you this was in between Thriller & Purple Rain!

What transpired next was magical. Without any “learned” reservations, our children embraced me and told me “Dad it is OK. We still love you just the way you are…"

As their father, I concluded that no further dialogue was even needed. I was simply proud that our children already understood the ultimate message our society needs.

The most important charge we have in this world 🌎 is to love our neighbor.

Thus, for Father’s Day, our children gifted me this beautiful shirt as an expression of that unconditional LOVE.

Ending with, Happy Pride Month to anyone who has not felt this Unconditional Love!

I love you, our children love you, and God loves us all just the way we are….


Barnard the Barber

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