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Wrong Place @ the Wrong Sign.....

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Just a week ago WSB ran a story that helped citizens get their money back from the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office for improper School Speed Zone sign placement.

Here again, we need some help in recovering the money inappropriately taken from citizens with another confusing School Speed Trap right in the same town.

I checked with the DOT Rules for cameras and it clearly says that the regular speed limit signs should be placed, in an appropriate distance, outside of the during school hours speed limits. This practice helps not to confuse motorists as to what the Speed Limit is.

However, heading Eastbound on Matthew School Road in Winder GA, the first School Zone sign says 30 mph and then just a few steps away within the same school zone, another sign says the limit is 40mph.

It is so confusing that even 90-year-(young) woman got a $100 fine for speeding in this predatory speed trap.

In a time like this, sensible leader understand that people are still battling back against a pandemic, we are being brutalized at the gas pumps, and everyone is simple struggling just to get by.

It is indecently inhumane for elected of officials (Judson Smith) to be taking advantage of citizens like this, in a time of crisis.

Leaders like Sheriff Smith, and Governor Brian Kemp come around pandering to our communities citing pre-written scripted narratives that don’t make good common sense and are blatantly not true.

Sheriff Smith sent me an email stating the signs were “checked and permitted by the State”.

Well, I actually checked with State and the GA DOT, and they said that the Sheriff’s statements are not true because Matthew School Rd is a County road. The GA DOT said they are responsible for state roads.

Also, in other unchallenged false narratives, the money collected from these excessive speeding fines are typically used to pay the SRO. Who in essence, works for the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office. Which is different than what Judson said “the money is going to the schools”.

That’s like me saying “not a dime of the money I make cutting hair is going into my family’s pockets”, while at the same time, I’m using the same money to put braces on my children’s teeth.

Come on now, we must expect better from our leaders even if we did go to school with them. One fact does not make these facts make sense……

The sad irony is the last sign says this is Drug Free School Zone. Yet it is the elected people, who we put in charge (that keeps posting up these very confusing signs) that I’m worried about being on drugs.

Citizens we need your help. If you have gotten a ticket or if you just think these predatory practices are unfair, make a formal complaint to:

Scott Bratcher Road Superintendent 770-307-3075


Jud Smith Sheriff 770-307-3080


Local Author of

The Southern Awakening

Barnard Sims

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