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Foot Soldier Praise!

There is an old saying amongst activists that states:

“If you are doing good deeds just to get the credit then you don’t really deserve it

because by the time you get the credit you deserve you won’t really need it.”

I’ve watched my mentor Mr. Johnny Smith coordinating for the progress of people of color my entire life here in Barrow County. There are citizens who got out of jail, other citizens who got jobs in schools, and others who were hired in health care industries or banks all because of the work of foot soldiers like Mr. Johnny Smith.

Here at home, we float around on the surface like ducks with our heads high and our chests stuck out like we are doing it all! While under the water’s surface, it is the duck’s feet that creates the turbulence that propels our progress, allowing us ducks to elevate the water’s surface to float with grace & ease to breathe.

People like Mr. Johnny Smith are foot soldier who've made a way for many of us without us even knowing it.

There is also an old saying that "it is a poor duck that does not praise its own pond".

Here in Barrow County we must do better. I’ve been on programs, here, and the moderators act too timid or afraid to even mention Mr. Johnny Smith’s name in public. The reason why is simple. Real anti-racism activists are not beloved by the system because they devote their lives to tearing those unjust systems down. We live in a community with too many self-preserving negroes. We are so consumed with pleasing white supremacy because we have been induced into a coma of thinking that abandoning our culture is the only way we can survive. When in reality, once we focus our minds on serving others, it pleases God. Righteous works makes a way for the ultimate power to manifest in ways so we can truly live out our divine purposes!

(John 4:44) For Jesus Himself testified that a prophet has no honor in his own country. Yet, I am always humbled to see my mentors in the movement honored, even if it is in foreign lands.

It was also a blessing to see Lady B honored for using her velvet voice of versatility in the movement through media at 92.7 WXAG (The Heart and Soul of Athens). In addition, Mr. Edward DuBose was awarded for his dedication to the beautiful struggle, battling back and being one of the strongest men that I’ve ever known!

Life is a beautiful struggle and it is people like these quiet foot soldiers that makes it easier for us to breathe.

Thank You Johnny Smith. Thank You Lady B! & Thank You brother Edward DuBose for affording me the space to breathe in a society with intent on making it difficult for people of color to do so. Soldiers like you remind me when I get weary that in the end, We Win!

You are appreciated and I hope and pray you all know it!


Barnard The Barber

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